Bizarre Fashion Trends Through the Years

Urine Mouthwash 

We might think Crest White Strips are dangerous, but the ancient Romans went to some extreme lengths for teeth whitening. They used the urine of Portuguese people as mouthwash. The Portuguese people were believed to have the most 'potent' urine. The product became so popular that Nero taxed it. 

Ohaguro (Black Teeth)

Up until the 19th century, it was 'beautiful' to dye ones teeth black. Iron fillings were soaked in tea until they oxidized. Then, the black liquid was sipped, making the drinker's teeth black. Because the taste was so unbearable, cinnamon and clove was added. 

The practice also protected against cavities and other dental problems. 

The black dye also hid the fact that women's teeth were turning yellow from the white powder/paint makeup on their faces. 

Wax Cones

Egyptians wore wax cones on their heads as a perfume to fend off body odors. The cones sat decoratively atop their heads...until the wax melted into their hairs throughout the day. 

Foot Binding and Lotus Shoes

Everyone's heard of the practice of breaking ones feet and bending it into a small bundle. But, most don't know that the practice was done mostly to strengthen the vaginal muscles for sex. By having tiny feet, women struggled to walk and had to develop stronger muscles to balance. Having a 'wife' with bound feet became a status symbol for men. 


Developed nearly 500 years ago for the aristocrats of Spain and Italy, these platform shoes were not only symbols of wealth; they also helped women toddle on unevenly paved streets. 

But the concept of platformed shoes have been around since Aphrodite was pictured towering high above in pillar-like shoes. It wasn't until 1930 when Ferragamo brought them back that modern society began wearing the platform shoe again. 

Still, we're not sure we'd ever want to wear a heel or a platform that high... Unless we were Lady Gaga, of course. 

Skull Enlongation

Skull elongation was begun when a Mayan baby was around 3 or 4 days old. Two boards were pressed against the front and back of the baby's skull, pressed together, and fastened to the child. This, of course, was all meant to resemble the Mayan Maize God. 

And Now...Rainbow Freckles

From silver, to gold, to looking like you have Chicken Pox, rainbow freckles are coming. You take a small brush and dot yourself like you would a ceramic plate. 

Our advice? Spend the $20 and get your rainbow feelings out at Color Me Mine. Or, just by a Unicorn Frappe. 

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