Disturbing Disney Secrets

The Happiest Place on Earth

Take a stroll down 'Main Street USA' to watch the electric light parade, while chomping on your Mickey Mouse ice cream. Disney, worth US$42 billion in 2012, is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. The brand evokes a nostalgia for traditional American values that may have never existed. One company has managed to be a stand-in for United States history, white-washing and rewriting the imperialistic narrative. 

Homeless = Disney World Employees

Walt Disney World employees are not the happiest people on Earth, as many of them are homeless parents, according to the Associated Press. At a starting salary of $8.03 an hour, many workers cannot pay the average rent in Orlando Florida, at $800 a month. 

1,300 families in Osceola County, Florida are living out of hotels because there are no homeless shelters. 

Dead Bodies in the Haunted Mansion

Detailed in the 1994 book Mouse Tales by David Koenig, a family asked Disney if they could have some 'extra time' at the Haunted Mansion ride to hold a memorial for their 7-year-old son. However, extra time was not all they wanted. They sprinkled his ashes over the side of the train car. Since then, reports of ash scattering over various rides at Walt Disney World has become common. A rumor says that employees are trained to spot signs. 

Holes can be poked in the Walt Disney Company's wholesome image, but it is still an American icon. 

Abigail ManginComment